On March 11, 2015, Hale Westfall was honored to host a reception for the Colorado Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society featuring the legendary Professor Richard Epstein. Professor Epstein is considered one of the most influential thinkers in legal academia and the nation’s foremost libertarian legal scholar. As well as being a prolific author, Professor Epstein has taught courses on a wide variety of legal subjects, including administrative law, constitutional law, criminal procedure, and taxation. A senior lecturer at the University of Chicago since 2011, Professor Epstein recently became director of the Classical Liberal Institute, newly formed at NYU Law. The thirty attendees were treated to an in depth lecture on “The Case Against Employment Discrimination Laws.” According to Richard Westfall, “Professor Epstein is perhaps the leading center-right legal mind in the last 50 years. His insights on the civil rights laws were invaluable for those of us lucky enough to hear them.”